What is our government doing to us?

What is our government doing to us? Passing or at least trying to pass unenforceable highly restrictive laws in every aspect of our lives. Lets talk about gun control for a minute. Gun laws specifically new gun laws will only be as effective as the person that obeys those laws. We all know that criminals by definition do not follow laws. So why then do we believe that more restrictive laws would prevent further tragedies?  It’s a feel good solution that’s why. It’s too difficult, to try to get to the real root cause of gun violence.  The best way to get America back on track would be a return to a much simpler system. For example, lets start actually using the Constitution, you know the genius frame work that the founding fathers laid out for this great country, it worked for the past 200+ years but now all of a sudden thanks to progressive politics we no longer believe that it’s necessary?  If you simply apply constitutional thinking to each argument that is going on in our country right now you will see that we would be much better off because of it.  Prepping is seeing a resurgence because of the fear that our government is broken and in many ways it is. I believe that being prepared is not only wise but should be on everybody’s to do list. There will come a time when our government will not be able to protect you, save you, provide for you, it’s simply unsustainable for them to do so.  Everyone should at the minimum be prepared for natural disasters common to their area. This includes extra food, water, clothing, possible weapons, and first aid kits.  Freeze dried food is a great way to prepare because it doesn’t take up much space, it is relatively cheap and you can cook it anywhere that you can build a fire and boil some water. A great place to purchase all your prepping needs is http://www.515survival.com we have many different products for you to choose from. Freeze dried foods from Mountain House, Wise Foods, Lindon Farms, and Harveston Farms. We also carry water purifiers. If you just stock up on those two basic essentials your chances of surviving any disaster will be greatly improved.